North American Woodland Animal Sculptures

We have hundreds of wood sculptures of North American woodland animals including:  bears, moose, deer, squirrels, beavers, wolves and rabbits.  Sizes range from as small as your thumb to a metre or two high or wide.  Prices for all budgets, starting from a dollar or two and going on up into the thousands. The photos below provide a representative look.


AWS-202 Flying Deer
AWS-155 sitting buck
AWS-210 Squirrel Family
AWS-131 small wolves
AWS-134 lil' wolf
little bear with trunk
Parasite Wood Deer
AWS-133 Squirrels
Pair of wolves
single deer
bull moose
AWS-55 silly lil' Cow-moose
AWS-22 shaggy Bear
standing bears
triple bear bust
lil' bear with trunk
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