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Tinga Tinga Paintings

Tinga Tinga painting began with Edward Saidi Tingatinga in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in the 1960s.  Having no formal art training he developed a playful childlike style brimming with fabulously coloured animals, birds, tribespeople and village scenes that catered to stereotypical romantic notions of Africa held by Westerners, the targeted clientele.  The paintings sold well and he engaged others to produce copies. The style grew steadfastly in popularity, in time taking the name of the originator as its own and becoming the dominant style of painting in East Africa.  Bicycle enamel was first used out of financial necessity but most Tinga Tinga painters still carry on that tradition today.  Tinga Tinga is fun art. Kids like it a lot…but adults do too!

All of our Tinga Tinga paintings are available for purchase directly online.

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