Vietnamese Pots - This page updated March 15, 2022.

Vietnamese pots are particularly hand made.  They are fired for up to 3 weeks at high temperatures in wood fueled kilns.  Sometimes bits of ash fly about in the kiln and sometimes pots explode because of air bubbles still trapped in the clay.  In this way, bits of clay, ash or glaze can end up on other pots.  You don’t get the kind of flawless glazing that one gets from the natural gas fired kilns but the trade-off is that you get a stronger pot.  Vietnamese pots are well known for their strength, thickness and wonderful blue glazes.  SPECIAL NOTE:  2020 & 2021 were VERY busy years for glazed ceramic pots.  The producers in Malaysia, Vietnam and elsewhere are PROFOUNDLY busy making more pots to resupply the world.  We have recently received a number of new styles (particularly Atlantis glazed pieces) and there is another batch of very interesting glazed pots on its way which we will add to the website as soon as we are able.  We sell a lot of pots...if you're driving a long way for something specific, call first to avoid any potential disappointment.

vp-1431 plain green pot
vptk - 152    coco palm pot
vp - 5326   ribbed pot
vp - 5337   block chain  pot
vp - 4335  (square fluted pot)
vp - 4334  (round fluted pot)
vp - 4445  wavy top pot
vp-299    bamboo pot
vp - 5318   dragonfly pot
vp-5333 pine cone pot
vp - 5310  diagonal delight pot
vp - 5325    teardrops pot
vp - 007 smooth plain pot
vp - 4336  fluted cup pot
vp - 4333   (fluted pot)
vp - 4338  honey pot
vp - 4766   rectangular pot
vp - 4764   cylinder pot
vp - 4765   square pot
vp - 5081   ribbed wavy top pot
vp-4885    floral flare pot
vp - 5314  fluted tulip pot
vp - 5317  corrugated pot
vp - 5319  zig zag pot
vp - 5322     honeycomb pot
vp-281-3    solid plain pot
vp - 5332    concave diamond pot
vp - 5336  concave diamond pot
vp - 5328   bricks pot
vp - 339    Beehive pot
vp - 5338     floral cross pot
vp - star pot
vp - 5339  shallow zig zag pot
vp - 5340   shallow shaggy pot
vp - 1089U  rustic rim pot
vp-2414 wide shallow pot
vp-4392   bonsai pot set
vp - 289  puzzle pot
vp-295    horizontal rib pot
vp.sai-02    plain round pot
vp.sai-05    green rim pot
vp.sai-19    green tapered pot
vp - 4536  blue top rustic urn
vp - ran24  tall black urn
vp.sai-17  tri-colour urn
vp.sai-18  blue on charcoal urn
vp.sai-21  tri-colour urn
vp.sai-22  gold top blue urn
vp.sai-23a  gold rust urn
vp.sai-25  tri-colour urn
vp.sai-26  kiwi top chocolate urn
vp.sai-27  gold top red urn
vp-ran04 square cream pot
vp - 301    fluted tapered pot
vp-014485   milk bottle pot
Glazed Pots Coming Soon (#1 to #4)
Glazed Pots Coming Soon (#5 to #8)
Glazed Pots Coming Soon (#9 to #12)