Malaysian Pottery - This page updated March 16, 2022.

Malay pots differ from the Vietnamese pots in a number of ways:  Not only are the shapes and motifs different but the clay itself has different characteristics.  The walls are less thick which delivers a lighter pot and they are fired in gas fired kilns which delivers pots with more uniform glazes.  It is easy to get two matching pots for they will be of the same colour all round whereas finding two precisely matching Vietnamese pots is more difficult...pots tending to be slightly different in colouration. SPECIAL NOTE:  2020 & 2021 were VERY busy years for glazed ceramic pots. Our suppliers in Malysia are so swamped we haven't been able to get anything out of them yet for this season.    We sell a lot of if you're driving a long way for something specific, call first to avoid any potential disappointment.

mp - fern
mp - drim642
mp - drim106
mp - dlm  (diagonal line)
mp - chalice
mp - brus1  (brusino)
mp - 16  (waveband)
mp - 05
mp - wdm  (water droplet)
mp - tss2
mp - tree
mp - storm
mp - 10   (swirl line)
mp - 17   (carved look)
mp - 18  (zen figure)
mp - 33 (wave band tall planter)
mp - 34 (wave band tall planter)
mp - atreo
mp - brus2  (brusino)
mp - brus3  (brusino)
mp - brus4  (brusino)
mp - bak
mp - drim726
mp - rib
mp - 43  (Hai Nam Urn)