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Malaysian Pottery - This page updated Apr 17, 2024Klick on the photos for a good look!

Malay pots differ from Vietnamese pots in a number of ways:  Not only are the shapes and motifs different but the clay itself has different characteristics.  The walls are less thick which delivers a lighter pot and they are fired in gas fired kilns which delivers pots with more uniform glazes.  Except for a few designs at the bottom of this page, we have plenty in stock of everything here and don't expect any shortages this season.  However, we sell a lot of if you're driving a long way for something specific, call first to avoid any potential disappointment.

mp - frdim     shiny green dimpled pot
mp - frdim     shiny, brown rim dimpled pot
mp - frdim     shiny aquamarine dimpled pot
mp-brus5   Brusino pot with sparkling, dimpled texture
mp - brus57       Brusino  pot, blue on beige
mp - brus123       Brusino  pot, burgundy rust
mp - brus56   ”tie-dye”  Brusino pot
mp - brus313   Brusino pot,  ocean, imperial blue
mp - fr760  dragonflies in the clouds
mp - fr327       dragonflies pot
mp - fr761        daisy squares pot
mp - frbam      flat rim bamboo pot
mp - nep50   sq. rim egg pot,   aquamarine
mp - nep50  sq. rim egg pot, matte black on red
mp - nep50   sq. rim egg pot,   blue banded
mp - httu   hand thrown tall urn, 3 colours available
mp - tepbw       brush wash tall egg pot, 3 colours
mp - tallU       tall U-shaped planter
mp - hnu37     Hai Nam Urn
mp - rrpl     plain colour round rim pot
mp - rrpl  plain round rim pot, matte black on oxblood red
mp - rrplw     waterfall on plain round rim pot
mp-rraz   round rim Aztec pot, 3 colours
mp - fred    embossed dots pot, 3 colour combos
mp - drfer    dual rim fern pot  clay on black or green
mp - drfer    dual rim fern pot    white on café
mp - drbw        dual rim brush-washed pots
mp - drband        dual rim banded pot,   3 colours
mp - rrsw      round rim swirl line pot
mp - tulip
mp - brus4  (brusino)
mp - fern
mp - tree
mp - storm   (Storm Pot)
mp - chalice
mp - tss2
mp - bak    olive rimmed shallow pot
mp - dlm  (diagonal line)
mp - brus2    3 squares Brusino pot
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