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Malaysian Pottery - This page updated March 16, 2023.

Malay pots differ from Vietnamese pots in a number of ways:  Not only are the shapes and motifs different but the clay itself has different characteristics.  The walls are less thick which delivers a lighter pot and they are fired in gas fired kilns which delivers pots with more uniform glazes.  It is easy to get two matching pots for they will be of the same colour all round whereas finding two precisely matching Vietnamese pots is more difficult...pots tending to be slightly different in colouration. SPECIAL NOTE:  It's been difficult to get new pottery since 2020 (particularly Malay pottery) but we have a truly great batch on the way arriving throughout late April to late May.  Don't count on ALL the designs below being available until some point in late May.  Additionally, some of the styles below may vary in colour and style because some of the photos came from former batches.  We sell a lot of if you're driving a long way for something specific, call first to avoid any potential disappointment.

mp - frdim  shiny, dimpled texture pot (brown rim)
mp - frdim     shiny, dimpled texture pot (grey rim)
mp - tree
mp - tss2
mp - fern
mp - brus56   ”tie-dye”  Brusino pot
mp - brus57       Brusino  pot
mp - brus313         Brusino pot
mp - tepbw       brush wash tall egg pot
mp - hnu37     Hai Nam Urn
mp - httu   hand thrown tall urn
mp - tallU       tall U-shaped planter
mp - frbam      flat rim green bamboo pot
mp - fr761        daisy squares plum pot
mp-rraz   round rim cream leaf Aztec pot
mp-rraz   round rim blue leaf Aztec pot
mp - nep50   sq. rim egg pot, aquamarine
mp - nep50   sq. rim egg pot, ocean
mp - rrpl     plain round rim pot 6 sizes
mp - rrpl     round rim pot   waterfall double glazing
mp - fred  embossed dots pot blue on cream
mp - fred  embossed dots pot slate on oxblood
mp - fred  embossed dots pot (gold on black)
mp - fr760  (dragonflies in the clouds)
mp - fr327       (dragonflies in the sky)
mp - drfer    dual rim fern pot   white on slate
mp - drfer    dual rim fern pot    white on café
mp - drfer    dual rim fern pot   black on olive
mp - rrsw      round rim swirl line pot
mp - drbw        brush washed pots
mp - brus5    Brusino pot sparkling dimpled texture
mp - brus1    Brusino pot
mp - drband         Banded pot
mp - tulip  tulip pot, honey café
mp - tulip   imperial blue tulip pot
mp - tulip olive tulip pot
mp - bak    dble glazed shallow pot   olive, sand
mp - dlm  (diagonal line)
mp - chalice
mp - storm
mp - atreo
mp - brus2  (brusino)
mp - brus4  (brusino)
mp - bak
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