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Atlantis Glaze Pots - This page updated April 17, 2024.  Klick on the photos for a good look!

The Atlantis glaze pots are made in's a relatively recent glazing technique which makes the pot look like it's been sitting on the bottom of the sea for a few hundred years.  We've noticed you like this glaze so we've been working on beefing up the selection.  We sell a lot of pots...if you're driving a long way for something specific, call first to avoid any potential disappointment.

vptk - at32    Atlantis glazed pot
vptk - at22     Atlantis glazed ANDUZE pot
vptk - at18    Atlantis glazed pot
vptk - at13    Atlantis glazed half pot
vptk - at11    Atlantis glazed URN
vptk - at53    Atlantis glazed pot
vptk - at08    Atlantis glazed pot
vp.sai-90    Atlantis glazed pot
vp.sai-65    Atlantis glazed pot
vp.sai-422   $ 125     head pot
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