With many thousands of pieces currently on display we are confident we have the the best and largest collection of pottery anywhere in Canada.  Check it out here and then come pay us a visit!  SPECIAL NOTE:  2020 was a VERY busy year for pottery.  The producers in Malaysia, Vietnam and elsewhere are PROFOUNDLY busy making more pots to resupply the world.  We still have many thousands of pieces to choose from to start the season but the new batch coming won't be here until the end of May at the earliest.  

We are asked endlessly about whether or not it is okay to leave pots outside in the winter so we have created a complete answer for you:   pots in the winter.

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Vietnamese Pots
Malaysian Pots
Terra Cotta Pots
Electric Neon Pots
Outdoor Garden Accents
Small Indoor Pots
Pots in the Winter
Saucers, Bowls & Pot Feet
Ceramic Masks
Ceramic Sinks
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