Copper Sculptures

These pieces are put together by electroplating a coat of copper on top of precast resin figures and then highly polishing.  It isn't truly sculpture in that sense. Sized from about 6" to 24", they range in price from about $12 to $100.  They are very highly detailed!

ACS-068 Brontasaur
ACS-069 Tyrannosaur
ACS-066 Stegasaur
ACS-070 Triceratops
ACS-597 Eagle
ACS-782 bear
ACS-241 Cat
ACS-428 Dog
ACS-031 German shephard
ACS-427 Wolf
ACS-137 wild horse
ACS-158 Small Buddha
ACS-1163 Passionate pair
ACS-1143 Violinist
ACS-1173 Dancer
ACS-733 Flower child
ACS-722 three in one sport
ACS-1222 Female swimmer
ACS-1221 Male swimmer
ACS-1204 Tee off
ACS-1246 nice put!
ACS-1224 Hockey player
ACS-1209 Soccer player
ACS-1215 Male baseball player
ACS-1216 Female baseball player
ACS-1230 football player
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