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GENERAL SHIPPINGThis page last updated in April 2022.

We can ship you most things.  We once were wholesalers and supplied countless shops all across Canada.  We've packed and safely shipped many thousands of packages over the years so we know how to do it. 

However, we didn't set up our entire inventory so that you can just click whatever and get whatever you want online seamlessly without talking to us first because many of our items are either fragile, heavy or of unusual dimensions.  In short, much of what we have doesn't pack or ship easily.   


POTTERY - Shipping and packing pottery is the most difficult of all so we have a packing charge for that: see packing and shipping pottery.    (If we are delivering the pottery to you, there is no packing charge)

Our minimum order to ship anything is $75.00

To provide an accurate shipping quote we need 3 things: 

a) to know exactly what you want to buy

b) the name of the town to which you want us to ship

c) the correct postal code (we don't need the address for a quote, but we need the postal code)

There is also the possibility that we can deliver to you:

We have no regularly scheduled delivery routes…but, sometimes (particularly if the customer wants a substantial quantity of items or very large pots or heavy stone sculpture) it just costs less and makes more sense for us to deliver. This is often the case when the customer is within a 500 km radius of our location.  Sometimes we already have a delivery in queue that might take us at least part way to where you are and some savings can be had from delivering both orders on the same trip.  Otherwise, our delivery charge is 75 cents per kilometre (round trip). 

Sample Delivery Fees: 

Our location to downtown Ottawa – 385 km round trip x $0.75 = $288.75

Our location to central Toronto – approx. 450 km round trip x $0.75 = $337.5

Our location to central Montreal area – approx. 800 km round trip x $0.75 = $600.00

Our location to central Hamilton, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo – approx. 600 km round trip x $0.75 = $450.00

There is no additional packing charge if we are delivering … and no broken items!

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