Terra Cotta Pots (includes a few rustic glazed, sandblasted and cement styles)
This page updated Oct 18, 2021

Most of these pots are Vietnamese.  Usually we offer a full range of size from a few inches to 3 feet tall but that is hard to do this year.  Generally speaking, terra cotta (not glazed) pots are less expensive than glazed pots.  SPECIAL NOTE:  Both 2020 & 2021 were VERY busy years for terra cotta pots.  The producers in Malaysia, Vietnam and elsewhere are PROFOUNDLY busy making more pots to resupply the world.  In that light, we have very low quantities of some styles noted below.  We have recently received a number of new styles of terra cotta pots and will be receiving still another batch of new styles in time for the spring 2022 season. We will post all these new style to this page as soon as we are able.  In the meantime, we sell a lot of pots and what is here today may be gone tomorrow.  If you're driving a long way for something specific, call first to avoid any potential disappointment.

vp-6157   plain round terra cotta pot
vp-3715   plain round terra cotta pot
vp-266  rustic glaze  and vp-266sb sandb
vp-3852   mosaic terra cotta pot
vp-4392   bonsai pot set
vp-or  (terra cotta orchid pot)
vp-2414 wide shallow pot
vp.sai-81   wide shallow pot
vp.sai-28ol    wide shallow pot
vp.sai-28bc   wide shallow pot
vp-sqlc   BLACK square light cement pot
vp-sqlc   RED square light cement pot
vp-180   marble terra cotta pot
vp.sai-411   fish planter
Strawberry pots     vp-6166 and vp-3709