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Terra Cotta Pots (includes a few rustic glazed, sandblasted and cement styles)
This page updated March 18
, 2023

Most of these pots are Vietnamese.  Generally speaking, terra cotta (not glazed) pots are less expensive than glazed pots.  SPECIAL NOTE:  It's been difficult to get pottery for the past almost 3 years but we finally have received a good batch.   We sell a lot of pots...if you're driving a long way for something specific, call first to avoid any potential disappointment.

vptk - tc117     plain shallow pot
vp-180   marble terra cotta pot
vptk - tc102      dragonfly pot
vptk - tc324    plain round terracotta pot
vptk - tc284       terracotta urn
vptk - tc268       shallow 4 balcony strawberry pot
vptk - tc264       6 balcony terracotta strawberry pot
vptk - tc57       7 balcony strawberry pot
vptk - tc209       4 balcony terracotta strawberry pot
vptk - tc29         square terracotta horizontal lines pot
vptk - tc204       rectangular terracotta vine pot
vptk - tc174      Anduze pot
vptk - tc138     ribbed pot
vptk - tc323      traditional French design
vptk - tc250      horizontal wave pot
vptk - tc142     leaf pot
vptk - tc140      horizontal wave pot
vp - 04   sq. tapered plain terracotta pot
vp - tcran03   sq. ribbed terracotta pot
vp - 08      sq. terracotta tapered pot
vp - 13  terracotta rose pot
vp-266  rustic glaze  and vp-266sb sandb
vp-3852   mosaic terra cotta pot
vp-or  (terra cotta orchid pot)
vp-4392   bonsai pot set
vp-2414 wide shallow pot
vp.sai-81   wide shallow pot
vp.sai-28ol    wide shallow pot
vp.sai-28bc   wide shallow pot
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