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Terra Cotta Pots (includes a few rustic glazed, sandblasted and cement styles)
This page updated March 17
, 2024.   
  Klick on the photos for a good look!

Most of these pots are Vietnamese.  Generally speaking, terra cotta (ie: not glazed) pots are less expensive than glazed pots.  Please be aware that terra cotta doesn't handle the cold and wet as well as glazed pottery.  In that light, our display of them is somewhat limited at least until May and is also reduced earlier in the fall than outdoor glazed pots.  We sell a lot of pots.  Iyou're driving a long way for something specific, call first to avoid any potential disappointment.

vptk - tc117     plain shallow pot
vp-180   marble terra cotta pot
vptk - tc102      dragonfly pot
vptk - tc324    plain round terracotta pot
vptk - tc284       terracotta urn
vptk - tc268       shallow 4 balcony strawberry pot
vptk - tc264       6 balcony terracotta strawberry pot
vptk - tc57       7 balcony strawberry pot
vptk - tc209       4 balcony terracotta strawberry pot
vptk - tc29         square terracotta horizontal lines pot
vptk - tc204       rectangular terracotta vine pot
vptk - tc174      Anduze pot
vptk - tc138     ribbed pot
vptk - tc323      traditional French design
vptk - tc250      horizontal wave pot
vptk - tc142     leaf pot
vptk - tc140      horizontal wave pot
vp - tcran03   sq. ribbed terracotta pot
vp - 08      sq. terracotta tapered pot
vp - 04   sq. tapered plain terracotta pot
vp - 13  terracotta rose pot
vp-266  rustic glaze  and vp-266sb sandb
vp-or  (terra cotta orchid pot)
vp-3852   mosaic terra cotta pot
vp.sai-81   wide shallow pot
vp.sai-28ol    wide shallow pot
vp.sai-28bc   wide shallow pot
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