Garden Accents - ceramic figurines, lanterns, spheres, etc.
This page updated - July 27, 2021

Add some accent pieces to your garden world. . .  or some lanterns to light your garden path!

SPECIAL NOTE:  2020 was a VERY busy year for pottery.  The producers in Malaysia, Vietnam and elsewhere are PROFOUNDLY busy making more pottery to resupply the world.  In that light, we have low quantities of some styles noted below.  A new batch is coming but won't be here until late August...if there are not yet more delays...

glazed garden spheres
vp - 1584   turtles
Vp-1720    nice cats
vp - 98    happy hedge hog
vp.sai-411   fish planter
vp - 350   seashells
vp - 1708   rustic glazed snail
vp - 377-2   ceramic lantern
vp - 607824  ceramic lantern
inp - 96   nice little fish