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Electric Neon Fibreglass Pots - This page updated March 17, 2024.

These pots are made of fibreglass in Vietnam.  They all come in three sizes and are very bright indeed!

For years customers have asked us for really brightly coloured glazed ceramic pots but we could never find them at affordable prices.  Perhaps these are a viable solution.  We have sold a lot of these and cannot get more.  While there are plenty left in Neon Cherry, there is little left in any of the other colours. To avoid disappointment call for an update before driving a long way!

vp - 1154   electric neon cherry
vp - 1154   electric neon lemon
vp - 1151   electric neon grape
vp - 1154   electric neon sangria
vp - 1151   electric neon lime
vp - 1151   electric neon tangerine
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