Shipping Pottery

Shipping pottery is possible but, generally speaking, pottery is heavy and easily broken. It can be time consuming and difficult to pack well so that it doesn't get broken on the way.  Small pots are easy enough but the bigger they get, the more complex it gets.

Sometimes, particularly if the customer is looking for quite large pots (and they are within a 200 to 300 km radius of our location) it just makes more sense for us to deliver.  Sometimes we already have a delivery in queue that might take us close to where you are.

Sometimes we are asked to ship pots thousands of kilometres away (say... to the west or east coast).  This is doable but if you can't order a substantial quantity (such as a half or full pallet) and then arrange to pick it up yourself at the trucking depot of a major city, you may be stunned at the shipping cost.

If you can send us a list of what you want and where it is to be shipped to (just a town and a postal code), we can provide a shipping quote. 


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