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This page has been updated as of Thursday, June 30, 2022.

We are not aware of any covid-19 restrictions at this time in the province of Ontario that affect your freedom to come and go as you please on our premises. The local Hastings Prince Edward County health authority still prefers that you keep your distance from strangers and many of our customers still wear masks inside the buildings. Hand sanitizer is available for your use.  There is also soap and water for handwashing.

Our hours are still the same as our regular seasonal hours:  Mon to Sat – 10 to 5, Sundays – noon to 5 (EVERY SINGLE DAY INCLUDING SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS!).  We are not open in the winter.

Our store has 2 to 3 acres of outdoor yard and garden displays so this provides a lot of freedom and room to move in a very large, uncongested outdoor area.  It really is truly easy to keep your distance from others at our store.  As well, for what it's worth, many of our customers are a little older, tend to be cautious and concerned about Covid and conduct themselves so as not to get sick.

If you are still uncomfortable being out in public these days, you are welcome to make an appointment to come visit us outside of regular hours.  Call the store at 613-478-5068, text Kevin at 613-827-4943 or email to   Email is NOT TETHERED TO ANY MOBILE PHONE so response may not be immediate but we are able to answer most emails the same day.


To get better service, to ensure timely access into the buildings and to avoid bottle necks at the checkout, we would encourage you to come, if you can, at a less busy hour or on a weekday.  Saturdays and Sundays between noon and 4 pm tend to be the time when we have the most customers.  

We have always taken Covid-19 seriously.  The owners of Black River Trading Company have been completely vaccinated (including boosters) and encourage you to do the same if you haven't done so already.  Our employees have also been vaccinated.

If covid comes back in a big way, we’ll make the appropriate adjustments.

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