Stone Sinks from Zimbabwe

We had most of these sinks custom carved for us in Zimbabwe.  It was a difficult exercise and we had to make a second attempt (we have many others not shown from the first batch that just didn't pass the test)  but we finally have some very nice sinks.  The drainage holes have not yet been drilled in these photos but we can do that for you and the price for the hole is included in the prices below. For less costly options, check out our Indonesian stone sinks or our ceramic sinks.

zst-1542-3  face sink
zst-1542sd-3  owl sink
zst-1750  leafy corrugated sink.
zst-1808  celestial sink
zst-1809   elephant sink
zst-1810   maple leaves sink
zst-1811   fish sink
zst-1812   two elephants sink
zst-1813   dotted gecko sink
zst-1814   pr of birds sink
zst-1815  penguins sink
zst-1816  abstract loop sink
zst-1817  owl pairs sink
zst-1818  pair of ducks sink
zst-1819  maple leaf sink
zst-1820  dragonfly sink
zst-1821  two dragonflies sink
zst-1822  very nice leaf sink
zst-1823  plain round sink
zst-1824  celestial sink
zst-1825  gecko sink
zst-1826  star & crescent moon sink
zst-1827   heart sink
zst-1828   shining sun sink
zst-1829   gecko sink
zst-1830   pair of elephants sink
zst-1831   frog sink
zst-1832   wavy top owls sink
zst-1833   pair of birds sink
zst-1834   fish inlay sink