Black River Trading Company definitely has one of the very best selections in Canada. We have many, many styles in both glazed & terra cotta, from very small to very large.  A good selection of saucers, glazed spheres, lanterns, vases, bird baths, exterior celestial plaques, masks and various ornamental ceramic art pieces fills out the offering.  


Malay pots - Httu
Malaysian Pots - brushed tie dye pots
Malaysian Pots - Bakau planter (2)
Malaysian Pots - Bakau planter (1)
Malaysian Pots - Atreo planter
Malaysian Pots - water drop motif
Malaysian Pots - Tree Stencil Stamford planter
Malaysian Pots - Tall U Pots
Malaysian Pots - Rolled rim pots
Malaysian Pots - ribbed planters
Malaysian Pots - flat rim pots
Malaysian Pots - dual rim leaf motif
Malaysian Pots - Brusino pots
Malaysian Pots - Dimpled texture
Malaysian Pots - Brusino pots (2)
Malaysian Pots - diagonal line
mixed birdbaths
Assorted Vases
succulent bowls
the pot guardian
very large urns
terra cotta sets (2)
terra cotta sets (1)
small ornamental terra cotta pots
red glazed sets
planters in action
red glazed sets & some large saucers
pebble pot with giant planter
square glazed pots & a few stone sculptures
standard blue & green sets
some tall tapers
strings of ceramic fish
nice blues, wavy top green sets
mixed styles (3)
mixed styles (2)
nice blue sets
mixed styles (1)
nice glazed tapers
pair of nice blue sentinels
pair of tall blue fountains
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nice glazed tapers