During the 2019 season we are partnering with Tweed and Company Theatre in efforts to help fund their productions while also aiming to increase our own exposure.  If you've come to this page because you bought a raffle ticket and you want to learn how to double your flyer rebate, we are happy you're here. 
First though, we would like you to know there is a lot of content on this website (some 150 pages).  Please use it as the rich resource it is . . . . scrounge around, visit a few areas, take a look!  Even just checking out the slide show on the home page would be a good introduction.  There is a large e-commerce section available in the shop menu or via for your walls in the home accents menu.  Hundreds of items are available for purchase there directly from the website.  Also, if there is someone you would like to make aware of Black River Trading Co., please send them to this website if they can't make it to the store.
Tweed and Company Theatre would also like you to check out their site.  For all their upcoming productions visit tweedandcompany.  
Thank you for your patience.  To double your flyer rebate, just tell us how you learned about our store,  what you got out of your visit to our website and then pay either by cash, by debit or by e-transfer (e-transfer for large purchases only).